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Web filtering, student monitoring and intelligent reporting for all your school’s devices.

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Qustodio for Schools



The proactive digital wellbeing and safety platform for schools is here

Get full visibility on how students use devices and what they use them for to proactively address potential academic performance and wellbeing issues. Help detect indicators of self-harm, addiction, bullying, abuse and radicalization. Protect your school as well as your students.
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Safe 1:1 technology that works on and off campus

Implement 1:1 smart content filtering on any device platform including Mac, Windows and Chromebook. Manage and protect students’ use of internet and apps both in and out of the classroom. Intelligent reporting and alerts show you how devices are being used in real time.


Better than firewall content filtering

Firewalls are technical, reactive and expensive. Many only work while on campus. Qustodio protects devices 24/7 and helps both school administrators and tech teams see how students use devices to ensure the best, safest and most productive use of technology within an educational environment.


Intelligent reporting

View aggregate activity or drill down to individual user activity

Smarter web filtering

With smart web categories, block inappropriate sites automatically

Apps & time controls

Decide which apps can be used and when in a few clicks

Scalable deployment

Deploy with a simple download or mass deploy with your chosen MDM

Flexible policies

Give each class, grade or student the access rules they need

Multi-platform protection

Seamless protection on Windows, Mac, Android, Chromebook, iOS and Kindle

24/7/365 protection at home AND school

Many schools have 1:1 programs and need to make sure school devices are protected on and off campus for CIPA compliance. Qustodio prioritizes online student safety and is e-rate approved. Qustodio offers multi-platform protection and works for BYOD and 1:1 schools as well as devices that stay on campus.

Multi-platform content filtering
Qustodio app management

Loved by parents worldwide

Over 4 million families worldwide have already used Qustodio to protect their families’ devices. With top-rated reviews from publications like PC Magazine and Tech Radar, Qustodio is already known and loved by parents.


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